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Here at coui net, we dedicate our time and efforts to bring you guys the hottest girls around the world.We don't care about having a massive amount of videos that no one really cares about. We're kinda of like the filter for internet.Weither she's just an average everyday girl that vlogs about lame girlie things like (make-up tutorials outfits of the Day) All we wanna know is. How hot is she?

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Brown coui girls These are the hottest African American coui girls on the net!!

Hottest Black Celebrity Females Ever!! Top 10! Here is the complete list of girls that we here at coui net think is the Hottest Black Celebrity women in America.

The Hottest most Fuckable Pornstars Ever Top 26 list: Did your favorites make our list click here to find out!

New countdown of the hottest Girls of CBS's Big Brother Televison Show Top 10 Houseguest! Did Your Favorites make our list? (Click Here to Find out)

 Battle of the World's Sexiest Girl! Who do you think is the hottest? Rosie Huntington or Megan Fox? Who do we think is the hottest celebrity girl? click the picture below to find out!        Rosie Huntington                              Megan Fox

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New America's Most Smashable Model Metisha Larocca (Profile)
New Latin coui girl Dalida Brito (Profile)
New Snow Bunny coui girl Von Spooks (Profile)

Bella Bellz Here is a girl by the name Bella Bellz in case you don't know who she is.. She's pretty much one of the most talked about Pornstars of the moment..And From our understanding, she's has actually only done two scenes from what we know.One Girl/girl Boy threesome video and an IR with Lex Steele.Rather than spoiling it for you guys, you should just check her out for yourself. (Video)
New America's Most Smashable Model! Iesha Marie (Profile)
Stunning: Draya Michele at the 2014 BET Awards! Clearly in our eyes the hottest girl at the event. We also come to the realization that she would make one badass dominatrix (Photos)
Kim Kardashian Ok guys right when you thought Kim couldn't possibly get any sexier..She walks out of Kanye's Crib Like....(Photos)
Snow Bunny Blue Eyed Nicole From IG (Photos)

New America's Most Smashable Model!! Alyssa Jerry (Video)
New America's Most Smashable Model Stephany Romero! (Profile)
Draya Michele Just when you thought Draya couldn't get any hotter...She's goes and does this.Amazingly sexy pictures of her in a tank top and panties..(Photos)
New Snow Bunny  JordanRene (Profile)
Beach Bum Rockstar has there version of Beach Bum, and we have ours..Check out this video of Jessica Kylie on the Beach with the curves out. (Video)
#TeamTorres Most of you Guys Already Know About Tammy.. But Did you Know She has  A Younger Sister? No...Well, now you do..And she's Bad too! (Photos)
Amber Rose Does it Again Guys Twerking Better Than Any other model We've seen in  quite a while.And if you can remember the video of her twerkin in white wedding dress. This is like 10 Times Better..Don't believe us? (Video)
Snow Bunny Betty From Twitter Check out the eyes on her..Hottie of the week much. Of course.We're more on the line of thinking she could be the hottie for the rest of the mouth.With tits like hers.We don't really see why not.Oh yeah, btw guys..We have topless pics of her too.  (Photos)
Lol: Our BOO Riri Clowning tho. Shouts out to TMZ, we really need you guys to hold this "L" and please, hold it very close to your heart..(Video)
Selfie OTD: Sometimes with Jessica it be like that..Check out these New super sexy photos of Jessica. This girl's body is pure amazement .#Lust  #Gorgeous24/7 (Photos)
Yaris Sanchez Why she soo pretty tho?! Wait, that's not all folks...DAT ASS Park twerking? Well not quite twerkin but, close enough. (Video)
Featured IG Starlet @Ohtherealbarbee Our very own coui girl Bianca..Yeah, we luv her (Video)
Happy Easter From Riri!! So Pretty, Yet So Hood..Yea, we like! #420 #BunniesInsh*# (Photos)
IG: BBLU's Noelbiancaa We can't really put our finger on it but, Noel Bianca we know for sure is the hottest girl in Taz's Angels.At least in our opinion.This girl has some super sex appeal! She's soo young yet, seem so mature. Make sure you guys follow her!
Brittany Dailey Do hot girls travel in packs nowadays? We're starting to think so. Brittany Dailey chillin with her super hot friends at the beach bouncin it like the good girl she is! (Video)
Bunny Portrait with AD Ayisha's Photoshoot with those amazin guys at Dynasty Series wearing the sexiest Black Bunny outfit ever.Pretty much putting to shame 98% of the girls that graced the cover of Playboy. (Photos)
Leaked Nude photos of Demi Lovato and soon the be Ex- Boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama... Just so you know, with all the photoshopping going on, on the internet.This may or may not be her..The girl in the photos DOES have the same tattoos as her, but we can't say for sure.You know, cause don't wanna get sued...soo yea these are the "Alleged Nude pics of Demi.  (Photos)
Snow Bunny Kristen from Tumblr Hottie OTW! (Photos)
Bottomless Rihanna! X-Rated and Unapologetic about it! Check out the arch on the badgal..In the photos, Rihanna lies on her stomach on the balcony, arching her back to pop her amazin butt in the air. Even seems to spot the paparazzi at one point but continues on with the shoot, clearly unfazed.In our opinion the sexiest NSFW celebrity photos ever! (Photos)
Yaris Sanchez Channeling Her 90s Girl.. Wearing a super sexy skirt with possibly the most amazin legs ever. Please Yaris, you can wrap those thigh wherever you like. (Photos)
Crystal Renay Do you guys Prefer Crystal Censored or Nah? Clearly this is the dumbest question ever.But, Please forgive us for our pointlessness at times.. And here are the photos we've all been waiting for.... (Photos)
First Ever Featured IG Starlet @Noelbiancaa (Video)
Suelyn Medeiros That Purple Dress tho. New Level #PurpleHaze (Photos)
Fruity Pebbles Take Two# You know you're a Model when...You can simply take a photo with a cereal box and have it be the hottest thing ever...Yea, Crystal's that type of girl. (Photos)
Irene The Dream You know that saying I hate to see you go but, I luv to watch you walk away...Well, yeah... (Video)

New Brown coui girl Jessica Reddy (Profile)
New America's Most Smashable Model Maliah Michel (Profile)
Everyones Favorite College Girl Until last week, Miriam Weeks was just like any other Duke student.But due to social media. Words travels FAST..And considering how extremely hot she is..All guys on campus were focused on finding something about her.IE topless photos, bikini shots etc.Never in there wildest dreams they could have ever imagined she's was doing REAL porn movies to pay for her tuition.And here is where shit gets real..No need for words from here guys. (Video)
Snow Bunny Hottie without a doubt! Hope is a smoking hot chick from the Mid West.With a smile like that how can she not be our Hottie OTW.We're really starting to think that Oklahoma girls are where it's at for sure! (Photos)
Snow Bunny Florida Girl Alyssa Guys wait till you see her TITS..thank you Twitter! (Photos)
Kim K. Sporting Her Little Sister Bikini, And we sooooo approve of this message.No matter how wrong you think this is..Also, Note to All Girls Around the World.If you have a younger sister.Please, steal her bikini top and put it on.Only because it's the hottest thing ever. FYI This only works if you have an IG or Twitter.
Kyra Chao Titties on Deck! Model Kyra Chao Clearly wins the Selfie OTD with this pic.I mean those Tits are OUT! And we luv every pixel of it!
Snow Bunny 18 year old Hottie Pati from Poland. You can really never wrong with a girl with green eyes.I mean really, can you imagine? (Photos)
New America's Most Smashable Model Rosanna Castillo (Profile)
Snow Bunny  Twitter Hottie Brandi is way more than just a pretty face. I mean, look at those eyes.Amazing right?? But wait, it gets ever better..She has the most amazing tits ever! Don't believe me? Check for yourself (Photo)
American Idol Performer Ashton Jones Strips Down In Public Completely Naked Twerkin?? Normally, we would ask what drugs she was on and where can we find some..But in this case, it seems like she was just having a good time.And you know, we're pro YOLO Life here so...(Video)
Snow Bunny  China_Cat93 show off those beautiful tits of hers on twitter...And you know what.They were soo worth the wait..(Photos)
New Latin coui girl Princess Javel (Profile)

Selfie OTD: Olivia Marie, This girl is Pure Heaven. A Dominican Red Riding Hood? Yea, we think so.. (Profile)
8 New Sexy Photos of UK Model Elisha Jade on her profile. (Profile)
Draya Michele Goes on her press run for Basketball Wives LA at Power 106 Radio Station looking hot as ever! Check out how amazing she looks in these photos. (Photos)
New Latin coui girl Prepcess/Kara Chase (Profile)
New Latin coui girl Catdagreat Some of you may not like her personality, but guess what? It doesn't really matter.Because we think she's sexy AF...(Profile)
Behind the Scenes Photos of Nicki from her super controversial song/video "Lookin Ass Nigga".Also, just so we're clear on this.We could careless about the controversy surrounding it..The only thing we know is that she was looking pretty amazing in the video.if you haven't seen yet.Click Here + (Behind the Scene Photos)
New Snow Bunny coui girl Indica (Profile)
Jess Molli Sexy New Photo Set From Dynasty series of Jess Molli! Also check out the Vine Clip of Her Perfect ass in action  (Photos+Vine)   Profile
New Brown coui girl  Annabella (Profile)
Paris Hilton Ok, No matter what you guys say about Paris...She is an extremely attractive girl...You can't deny it! We're sorry haters but, we're defintely #TeamParis on this one. (Photos)
ALTHOUGH Most would consider her ( TI's wifey, Tiny) a butterface.That ass she's sporting kinda makes up for it. KINDA... (Photos Plus Vine Videos)
New America's Most Smashable Model Crystal Renay Williams (Profile)
Best Performance Of The 2014 Grammy Awards Goes To: Beyonce Feat. Jay Z Hands down one of the sexiest performances we've ever seen!And we're pretty sure, that when our Hottest R&B Singers of All Time countdown is complete.You can count on it that this has made a big difference in the final results.  (Video)
VINE clip OTD: Rosemary, Ayisha Diaz, Wankaego and Bella Sandiego.. Turnt up at the gas station Twerkin Like..(Video)
Hometown Girl Brittany Dailey shows that she's a true Denverite.Wearing the colors of the moment.The orange and blue.Looking as hot as ever!!If we had to select the perfect good luck charm, it would definitely be Brittany (Photos + Vine Videos)
Crystal Renay Williams Instagram walk Be Like: (Vine Video)
Christina Milian, Karrueche and Amber Rose together at a Nightclub in Hollywood.Which one of these girls would you be the first to hollar at? (More Photos)
Sexiest Black Celebrity Women Ever! #2 The ultimate hottie in our eyes.Lauren London is just breathtakingly beautiful, she has everything a guy would want is a girl.Dimples, confidence, and has that ability to handle her own. Heres our number 2 girl Lauren London! (Video)

Sexiest Black Celebrity Women Ever! #3 Halle Berry was put on this earth to make men's jaws drop. She has done a great job so far: Her sex appeal is undeniable Check out why she's our number 3 girl on The hottest black celebrity list ever!.(Video)
Snow Bunny Biancaaaaa_xo All you guys really need to do, is check out her ass. Cause we're definitely a fan of it. Heres more pics of Bianca. (Photos)
Sexiest Celebrity Black Women Ever! #4 Paula Patton has everything we love in a woman.And we're not just speaking on her outer appearance.If you don't know much about Paula. We dare you to watch just one of her many interviews, and not full in love with how amazing she is, inside and out. Robin...You are one lucky guy. (Video)
Sexiest Black Celebrity Women Ever!! #5 Meagan has it all. Her long black hair, sexy eyes and megawatt smile that can light up the entire Earth we're sure of it. Going further south, Meagan is unashamed to show off a that incredible body, complete with flat stomach and surprisingly nice ass. The sexiest feature of Meagan is without a doubt her Lips.Not much a kisser, but with her definitely! (Video)
New America's Most Smashable Model   Ayisha Diaz (Profile)
IG Hottie OTW   xoxkassey Kassey is pretty much everythin we look for when it comes to selecting our HOTW.We can pretty much guarantee, that you will instantly like this chick after the first vine! (Photos+Vines)
Draya Michele Can you count the sexy points of Draya in this photo...Cause we actually lost count.She's without doubt one of the sexiest girls on planet. (Photos)
New America's Most Smashable Models  Bernice Burgos (Profile)

Elke Has Got us Feelin some Type of Way.. She just keeps gettin hotter, and hotter..Clearly, she's boostin her stock in every possible way.Insane body, gorgeous face...And never fake about her hustle.We Bow to you Elke. Well Done. (Photos+Vines)
Girls Like Suelyn Medeiros that makes the Holidays even more Interesting.. Check out that #CandyCaneDressTho Click on photos to see what we mean (Photos)
Christmas Time with #TeamNaughty Girl. Yea, we're  talking about the Badgal riri On Christmas Eve (Photos)
New America's Most Smashable Model  Olivia Marie (Profile)
Chick Got Her Own:Draya On Her Baller Ish Traded in the Maserati for 2014 Mercedes-Benz G-Class. (Photos)
Melyssa Ford is STILL holding her own as one of the sexiest Models around.Hard to believe that she's almost 40. Flaws? Sorry, but we don't see any.. Expect to see her on our Top 26 Sexiest Models Ever List in 2014 (Photos)
Tammy Torres 12 New Images on Her (Profile)
December Hottie OTM Pandarican Spicy little latina is well deserving of our hottie of the mouth.With those amazin tats, and awesome tits..She's a definite win to close out the year of 2013 (Photos)

Remember "Dat Euro Chick" Well, just in case you forgot. Here's her latest from IG..And I can't believe I'm saying this but, she has gotten even hotter! (Photos)
IG BABE OTW:Crystalrenay  If there was one girl you had to choose to Follow on Twitter, we would point you in the direction of Crystalrenay on Instagram. This girl is stacked.Also, any girl with an ass like hers, and reps Fruity Pebbles like that get an Instant Follow..Check out these sexy photos of this amazing girl (Photos)
Cover Girl of the Week! There is no one in the world, that can deny how amazingly hot this woman is from head to toe.We really do consider Rosa as one of the sexiest women on the planet.And we don't thing that there's many people that would disagree. Check out Rosa's new cover for KING magazine. (Photos)
New  America's Most Smashable Model   Gracii3 (Profile)
Check out Chyna! From the looks of her latest IG photos. She seems like she has that amazin stripper body back! And you know what that mean..Where's my iPhone...
Courtney Stodden as a brunette!! Wow, She's really trying hard to change the way people perceive her but, no matter what color your hair is Court. We still wanna fuck you.(More Photos)
Brown coui girl  Jumpingonair Cutest girl of the week? Yeah, we think so.We don't know her name really, but if we did. We ahh, likely wouldn't tell.Because we do have rules.Somewhat.. (Photos)
Brittany Dailey 5 New Images on Her (Profile)
Latin Bunny Warpedwillow Sexy PR Girl with an Amazin Ass! (Photos)
New America's Most Smashable Model  Michelle Lewin (Profile)
Sad Day In Hollywood Fast and Furious Star Paul Walker Has Died in Southern California after the Porsche they were in crashed violently into a tree, his rep confirmed to the Daily News. Police said speed was a factor. 
You kno you're a Bad Chick when....You can dye your hair Neon Green and find a way look even hotter than before! Check out Amber Rose! Wiz you are one Lucky...(Photos)
Nicki Lookin straight sexable! On Chill Mode with the Crew Young Money/ Cash Money and with the Kardashians? Oh Fuck! Shit Just Got REAL! (Photos)
New Brown coui girl Phuckfame (Profile)

Reggie Bush Oh why you mad tho? From the looks of it..Reggie Bush seems to not quite be over his ex Kim K. According to his recent IG post. (The Story)
Alexia Stone "Juicybb" showin that she has an ass, and she know how to throw it! (Vine Videos)
Brown coui girl kayreina_ November Hottie OTM (Photos)
New Latin coui girl Vanillastarr (Profile)
New America's Most Smashable Model! Jess Molli (Profile)
New Latin coui girl Amanda Piotto (Profile)

Snow Bunny  Antoinette Hot AF! From IG (Photos)
Dope: Rihanna's the new covergirl for GQ Magazine this mouth.Director Damien Hirst has created some of the most artistic photos we've ever seen. And this is no different. Check out these photos of Rihanna channeling her inner Reptilian. (Photos)
Snow Bunny Sexy British Chav Chloe From the UK Shows off her amazing Twins! (Photos)
Celebrity/ Model Kelly Brooks Drops Her 2014 Calender.And this is definitely somethin you guys would want to post up above the ride. (Full Calender Pics)
Snow Bunny Bianca From Romania! This girl is without a doubt a True Hottie. Check out some of her pics from Tumblr. (Photos)
Snow Bunny College girl Berkeley Has One of the Hottest Bodies Ever! The Suprise she hiding behind that So Cal sweater is worth it! (Photos)
Check out this Latest Pic Katee! This 19 year old is something special!
Badgirl RiRi News Two men in Thailand are in trouble with the law thanks to an Instagram photo posted by pop star Rihanna during her recent visit to the holiday island of Phuket.And from the looks of it Riri had a fuckin amazin night.Which included sex show, turtles, ping pong balls, pussy, oh yea and a monkey..Lol (More Details plus Bikini Photos)
Meanwhile....You guys thought Paula Patton would be upset with Miley Cyrus for Twerkin on her husband Robin Thicke.Nope wrong, she's busy twerkin on AL Roker.(Video)
Kat Stacks According to Kat Stacks former WSHH Associate claims Founder of Worldstarhiphop Lee “Q” O’Denat is finding homeless and financially ruined women with a Dream of becoming Top of the Class Model, to anyone willing to have ‘sex’ with him to find their way into opportunity. Is this just an attempt to get back at Q for ties being broken.Or is this 100% true? Check out this video from her point of view on what went down (Video+Pictures)
DrayaFace is so Draya If theres anyone that doubts Draya Michele is not pure sex appeal should really consider leapfrog'in off of a Bridge as soon as possible. Check out these latest pics of her from IG (Photos)
Kat Stacks Got Body For Real! Blue Bikini (More Photos)
Bad AF: Alexia Cortez 25 Sexiest Photos on the Net! (Photos)
Snow Bunny Suzana Tumblr and IG (Photos)
Snow Bunny Jessica's Facebook (Photos)
Wooo:Ok, not to long ago we said that we found one of the most attractive fitness models ever! Well, that isn't really the case now because of Julia Vins. This girl is fuckin Amazing! Prettiest girl ever / Very Doll-Like (Photos)

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