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Sophia Body

Ok, considering how we're actually back, and we are pretty sure it's for good now. We would like to let kick of this New Year (2016) with one of the sexiest women on IG. Many of you may know of her from reality shows, Twitter, Vine, Etc right? Also many of you may know her from the overly dramatic losers from blog sites nerds or little boys that try to bash beautiful women just for being beautiful. We all know the type.Keyboard Warriors?Virgins? We don't condone that BS here you can rest assure of that. But let's try not to drag on with this topic forever.You guys know what we're saying. The Model we chose for this mouth (January) is without a doubt "Sophia Body" Her name pretty much says it all! Profiles are coming soon

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Sexydea creamy Dildo Fuck

NikiSkyler Always_Wet

Cardi b Twerkin


Blondes Do It Better Apparently!! Because Diamond Doll is looking Absolutely Amazing.Those Beautiful Brown Eyes Almost makes you forget about how Ridiculously stacked this girl is I mean JESUS she's fuxing BEAUTIFUL. Check out a few more of these great photos of her pretty little face and of course that ....Photos of that Ass!! (Photos)

Staci Carr Public blonde

Stefania Ferrario

Guys we're convinced that Australian Model Stefania Ferrario could be one of the prettiest girls in modeling, like EVER! Pixie cut in all. She's not you're typical stick thin Supermodel. This girl has curves, and she's not Afraid to tell us about it. Check out these amazing  photos of the beautiful Top Model. And Yeah Guys, She Has Nudes Too! (Photos)

Molly O'Malia

Molly O'Malia, a 14-year-model and aspiring singer, spoke out alongside powerful attorney Gloria Allred about an OK Magazine cover story about O'Malia's supposed relationship with the 26-year-old rapper Tyga. O'Malia's photo appeared on the front cover of the December 26, issue of the magazine. Despite being blurred, her identity was quickly revealed online. Allred said O'Malia held the press conference to bring out the truth about what happened. The teary-eyed teen said at the New York press conference she doesn't "deserve the negative attention I have been getting as a result of this photo." Tyga's representatives haven't commented. This is definitely not looking good for Tyga.

Crush OTW: Iskra Lawrence (PAWG)

To be completely honest  with you guys...We Would so slide in her DMs..I know it's surprising right. As you can tell by the video of her.This girl has Alot Personality, and if personality counted for anything she would dominate alot of girls for sure. (Videos+Photos)

New Snow Bunny; Paige Cassandra / Thick Snoww

PAWG OTW is Paige Cassandra! Most of you guys may know her by her Instagram/Twitter name, which is Thick Snoww. Whatever name you choose for her, there is no doubt in our minds that you guys won't disagree with our choice of Crush OTW..  (Video)  +  (Profile)

New Snow Bunny; Paige Cassandra / Thick Snoww

Hello everyone, this weeks PAWG is Paige Cassandra! I'm pretty sure that most of you guys know her by Instagram name, Thick Snoww. Whatever name you choose for her, there is no doubt in our minds that you guys won't disagree with our choice of Crush OTW. (Profile)

Andjelica Bejbe

Ok, who knew they made girls like this is Serbia? For SURE she has to be a foreigner.  Andjelica is a EURO chick, and we think we've found a new place to search for Hotties. Let's keep our fingers cross and hope we can find girls like her sooner rather than later. (Photos)

Rita Goes Topless For Lui Magazine 

Let's skip the BS AND get straight to it!, Her tits are fuxing amazing!!...Thank You Lui Magazine You Guys Are Awesome!!! Also guys, if you just happen to miss her 2015 Christmas Jingle. It's kinda bring new perspective to "The Christmas Jingle" (Photos)

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